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Sunday, May 24, 2015


E-book specially priced at 99 cents!

(copyright Genie Gabriel)


Patrick grew tired of waiting for Swaggerty to make a move. More than the stress on everyone involved, he wanted to move forward in a relationship with Claudia. That didn't seem likely until Swaggerty was caught and dealt with, so Claudia could put another piece of her past behind her. 

Though Dawson Browning and his brothers weren't enthusiastic about letting Patrick set himself up as bait, they all knew the reality of limited resources, and maintaining surveillance at the lake was wearing on everyone. 

"Swaggerty is an ex-police officer," Patrick argued. "He knows he can outwait us."

"What if he's planted dynamite in the caverns and is just waiting for you to go back to blow it up?" asked Collin, Patrick's older brother, 

"I don't need to go all the way inside to give Swaggerty the illusion that's where I am," Patrick said. "Karate and angels, big brother. A pretty tough combination to beat."

"Chancy. Very chancy."

"Life is a risk. Who could have predicted Halo would be blown up? Or you'd marry the last innocent woman on the planet? Or I'd walk away from the priesthood?"

"Point taken." Collin scowled. 

"Buck said you could set up on his ranch. Even has a boat we can use to move across the lake faster."

"Do you know everyone in this part of the country?"

Patrick just grinned.

"By the way," Collin said, "Another one of your friends stopped by to see me. Said her name was Angel."

"Any message?"

"To tell you she's going home and to give you this." Collin dug into his vehicle and handed Patrick a package containing a well-laundered t-shirt. "Guess you don't need a priest's collar to be a pretty awesome brother."

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