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Monday, May 25, 2015


E-book specially priced at 99 cents!

(copyright Genie Gabriel)


In spite of Patrick's reassurances to Collin he wouldn't need to go inside, his soul demanded he visit the altar where he had gone to seek answers to his deepest questions. 

A radiant light shone behind the altar. "I am always with you."

Patrick smiled at the angel. "I will need your help more than ever before."

"Remember even those who have committed the most heinous of crimes carry the seed of God. It may take much nurturing for that seed to grow, but it is always inside, awaiting forgiveness and love."

Pulling his rosary beads with the emerald cross from his pocket, Patrick placed it on the altar. "I may take the life of another this night."

The angel remained silent and, with a burden in his heart, Patrick rose and walked away. He would do what he needed to do to protect Claudia and her son, even if that action condemned him to hell.

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