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Sunday, December 9, 2012


THOUGH TALLIE'S CHILDREN ARE GROWN NOW, they still come back to Tallie's house for Sunday dinner when they can. As birth relatives show up in the lives of the O'Shea siblings, this tradition extends to others, such as Marly's biological father.

Not just Marly, but all the siblings were interested in the momentos Tallie had dug out. So the next Sunday dinner
became a review of the family's years with Bernie. While the siblings were growing up, Tallie had meticulously organized the photos and newspaper clippings chronologically, as well as assembling individual albums for each child. 

"Gosh, Mom, I can't believe you organized all these photos and clippings, and still dealt with eight kids," Marly stated. 

"I thought it was important for all of you. We forget a lot of day-to-day happenings as the years pass," Tallie said. 

Marly pulled out an album. "I love these annual family photos. It shows who came to be part of the family each year." 

Others in the room looked through the pictures, laughing and making comments as particular photos elicited emotions and memories. 
Slowly leafing through a photo album and listening to the O'Shea family, Pierce realized this family was woven together with love and determination and--damn it all--Bernie O'Shea. 

Nearly every photo included the man with an award-winning smile, an arm slung over the shoulder of one or more of the siblings, and pride shining in his eyes as he looked at his kids. He really did love every single one of them. 

However, it was the newspaper articles that shafted envy through Pierce's gut. The photos in those clippings clearly showed Tallie and Bernie were a team. Hand in hand, or Bernie's arm over Tallie's shoulder, or her hand tucked under his arm. 

Strong. Devoted. Totally attentive to what the other was saying or doing. 

Bernie O'Shea was one lucky sonofabitch for the years he had with Tallie, and he obviously knew it. 

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