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Friday, December 7, 2012


As a policeman's wife, Tallie O'Shea knew lives could depend on her keeping a secret. After her husband, Bernie, was killed, she continued the habit of keeping things to herself. Until Halo exploded and her house became a shelter for other women who had lost their homes. And Tallie began to wonder what she had missed by not having close women friends...

***Excerpt from CHALLENGING THE LEGACY, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel***

The women watched the young girl in an adjacent room for a time. Funny. Tallie had known these women for many years--since her children were young--but had always kept a bit of an emotional distance from them. Why? Fear of being judged for her past? Or was it just a habit of keeping things to herself? 

"I never thought Rochelle would make the same mistake I did," Della said. 

Perhaps the other women needed someone to talk to as much as Tallie did, especially now that Bernie, her best friend and confidante, was gone. "Do you consider loving David a mistake?" 

"I have Rochelle and a beautiful granddaughter, so how could I regret the best things that have happened in my life? I wish circumstances were such that Rochelle could have known her father." 

"Fathers are important," Tallie agreed. "But you could have married." 

A wistful look drifted over Della's face. "I couldn't. David is--was my soul mate. Sounds like some silly young girl's fantasy, I know. But marrying a man I didn't love would have made all of us miserable." 

Della looked at Tallie. "I admire you for being able to build a solid relationship like you had with Bernie." 

"I wanted security and thought Bernie would provide it," Tallie said. 

"You also came to love Bernie very deeply," Natalie said. "I watched the two of you together many times. Your marriage was more than security." 

"We grew into love. What started out as mutual need became a partnership where I think we brought out the best in each other." 

"Your children and the community certainly benefited from the Bernie and Tallie team," Della said...

Not long afterward, Beth and her bridesmaids returned from shopping. Quieter but more secure than when they left. Tallie wondered if they had also started deeper friendships today. As she had. 

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