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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Happy endings--that's what I want when I read a book and when I write one. So on this day when many are celebrating the miracle of Christmas, I'm offering you an excerpt about a Christmas miracle from THE BODYGUARD, a prequel to my Halo Legacy Series. 

May you all find something magical during this holiday season!

* * *

The town of Halo lay in shrouded silence as the weary band of survivors trudged down the main street. Julia would have shouted for joy if she thought her bruised body wouldn’t shatter from the effort.

Her children were safe. That’s all that mattered.

Abraham slept in a sling on Cayle’s back. Angelina curled in Mitch’s arms, restless in her exhausted sleep. It had taken a dozen tumbles in the snow for Julia to relinquish her precious bundle to Mitch. She would have carried both children if she had been physically able.

Gabe barked as they neared the community center, waking the twins and stirring the rescue teams who were awaiting the first light of day to go back up the mountain.

The door of the center burst open, spilling warm light onto the sparkling snow. Soon the teams surrounded them, their shouts of joy and relief filling the predawn sky.

Within moments, they had been swept into the warmth of the community hall. As word of the rescue spread throughout town, people came from their beds to celebrate.

Mitch watched the scene with weary pleasure. Was it really over, this adventure that had turned his emotions inside out and shown him how to love again?

A hand on Mitch’s shoulder dragged his attention from his uncharacteristically mellow thoughts. Dawson Browning grinned. "So we got a miracle for Christmas after all."

* * *

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