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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Tallie is the glue that holds the O'Shea family together. Even before Bernie died, Tallie qualified for Mother of the Year every day. Though her eight adopted children are adults, they still return to the traditional Sunday dinner at Tallie's whenever they can. To reconnect with each other, to share events in their lives, and to enjoy Tallie's home cooking. 

Coming November 2012, Tallie will have her own story in CHALLENGING THE LEGACY. Be prepared for some surprises as secrets from her past are revealed.

Welcome to Tallie O'Shea's!


** "You're all amazing," Claudia said quietly. "You come from such different backgrounds and love each other so much." 

"Thanks to Tallie and Bernie." 

"Yeah." "You got that right." All the siblings murmured words of agreement, including Grady. 
Tallie blushed. "Bernie did all the hard work. I was just a mom."

"Tallie, you were always more than a mom,"
Beth's mother said. "As a team, you and 
Bernie were pretty unstoppable. Remember when Chief Weston wanted to use the money allocated to the school for a new police building because the old one didn't have the right view from his office?" She pointed to a newspaper clipping. "And who headed a fundraiser so kids would have safer pads and helmets for football? Then there was the time--" 

Tallie laughed and held up her hand. "Okay. Bernie and I were involved in a few community activities." 

"You don't do public events any more?" Marly's bio father regarded Tallie intently. 

"It wasn't the same without Bernie." Tallie stood up and took a deep breath. "I need a cup of coffee. Anyone else? And some of Beth's lemon bars?" 

Enthusiastic agreement met Tallie's suggestion. As she rose to go to the kitchen, Grady watched his adoptive mom closely. Why didn't Tallie participate in public events after Bernie died? He could understand needing a break. They all did. But while he and his siblings seemed determined to carry on Bernie's legacy, Tallie had kept a low profile and quietly continued Bernie's work in the background--not in the public spotlight as she did when Bernie was alive. 

When Tallie returned with refreshments, it seemed she had also focused her thoughts. "I've been thinking for awhile it would be nice to set up a living memorial to honor Bernie's memory." 

"What kind of living memorial?" 

"I envision a place that focuses on how to integrate biological and adoptive families," Tallie said. "Connections to families affect our entire lives--in good ways or in our fears. I think we all need a place where we can feel safe sharing our emotions and can find peace with the role our families have played in our lives." 

Nods of agreement came from those in the room as they talked about the part each of them could play in such a place. 

**Excerpt from CHASING THE LEGACY, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.

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