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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sometimes dinner conversation at the O'Shea's is as spirited as the pre-dinner games. Let's eavesdrop on one of their Sunday discussions ...

** "Patrick, will you say grace, please?" Tallie asked. 

The quiet lasted only until Patrick, also known as my-brother-the-priest, said "Amen," then the noise level resumed. 

"Were you involved in the hostage case yesterday, Collin?" 

Collin nodded. "The guy strapped a homemade bomb to his ex-wife. The sniper team took out the perp and Grady disarmed the bomb." 

"Any more arson fires in public toilets, Jer?" 

"Not since the guy got trapped in a portable bathroom," Jeremiah said. "The chemicals he was using to start fires exploded all over him along with the, um, contents of the comfort room." 

Laughter followed his comment. 

"Couldn't you boys have gone into safer careers?" Tallie asked. "Perhaps be attorneys like CJ?" 

The brothers rolled their eyes. "You didn't tell her about the near riot over the pornography case?" 

"Rubber bullets and no jail time," CJ responded. "Wasn't worth mentioning." 

"How about you, Marly?" Tallie forced a smile and turned to her daughter. "How are your cases going?" 

"The kids staying with their families outnumber those going into foster care."  

"You see?" Tallie said. "Some good news. Did that baby go home yet?" 

"We're still looking for the birth mother in the Midassen case." 

"The cops have already closed the criminal case. What's taking you so long?" Collin teased. 

"Mother Nature helped out by burying the perp in an avalanche. On the other hand, I was waiting for Deputy Browning to solve the case of the missing gorilla suit for some assistance in pursuing the best lead on the mother."  **

** Excerpt from PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY, copyright Genie Gabriel

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