"If you are looking for a series that keeps you on the edge, wondering what will happen next, wondering how an author created a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping book. Then look no further. Genie has created that with this series." --Bunnies Review

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


BREATHE! I must remind myself to breathe! 

Excitement and near-panic mingle as I prepare for the release of the second book of my LEGACY series, LEGACY OF ANGELS, on May 1--less than a week away. 

Is everything done? LOL! Well, many things are in place and if I sedate the control freak part of my personality, I know whatever else needs to be done will get done. There's a bit of sunshine coming through my office window at the moment, so I think I'll go outside for a few minutes and work the stress-kinks out of my shoulders. 

One of the things I like most about a new release is going back to visit the characters as I write blog posts and other promotional materials. It's like a visit with close friends. I am reminded why I like these characters and why their story demanded to be told. 

A priest and a prostitute may seem an unlikely romantic couple. However, as the wounds of past traumas are challenged, the truth in their hearts emerges. Patrick and Claudia are perfect to help each other heal as they travel the paths toward realizing their dreams.

I hope you will join them on their journey in LEGACY OF ANGELS.


  1. Genene, I love stories that challenge the author! Legacy of Angels sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see how you bring these two unlikely lovers together!

  2. Hope you enjoy ANGELS, Sarah! I really love these characters.