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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Time continues to fly by! It's April. Spring is supposed to be here. And I just realized Easter is less than a week away. 

April also means the first book of my LEGACY series has been out a month, and the release of the second book is less than a month away. Time has been a blur of writing, editing, promoting, cuddling with my doggies, saying hi to the grandkids, and starting all over again. 

I've also met some wonderful people online--commenters from my first blog tour and being a guest of other authors, blog hosts, and sites that focus on romance books.

And I'm delighted to have other authors come to my LEGACY blog as guests every Thursday this month. Dr. Veronica Esagui started off this new feature last Thursday, and DaniJo Avia will be here on April 5. I so much appreciate authors taking time from their busy schedules to share their thoughts and books. 

Whatever season it is where you are, may you always have a good book to read!

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