"If you are looking for a series that keeps you on the edge, wondering what will happen next, wondering how an author created a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping book. Then look no further. Genie has created that with this series." --Bunnies Review

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just over a week to go and the guests are arriving! Thank you so much to the authors who are coming to party at my launch! Please check out their book covers in the right-hand column.


  1. Hi Genene,

    What a sharp looking blog! I love the graphics. I can't wait until you launch your series. It sounds exciting!

  2. Hi, Vonnie! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words! I'm really excited about this series and hope it will be well received by others. We're only doing e-books for now and I have it on good authority the downloads will be a very reasonable $3.99 each. Hooray!

    I'm also planning lots of fun posts on my blog and will have more info on the characters and small towns on my Web site.

    Hmm...I'm definitely rattling on--a sure sign I'm excited. :)

    Think I'd better go do something humbling, like scoop doggie "output" in my backyard. LOL!

    Hope you are doing well!