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Monday, February 20, 2012


Do not panic! That has become my mantra. This past week, I sent the manuscript and cover of book #4 of my LEGACY series to my publisher. I also did some last minute tweaks to the font on the cover of book #1. Made edits to book #2. Am waiting for comments from the publisher's first reader on book #3.

Do you also see a pattern of working on several books at once? And there are at least nine books in this series that will be released every two months starting March 1. And by the way, I have to get the word out that these books are available. Promote, promote, promote. Gulp! What have I done?

While the drama queen piece of myself has a meltdown in the corner, my more practical self emerges once more. I have done what has been planned for quite some time. I have lived with the O'Shea family characters and the citizens of the fictional town of Halo, Oregon for several years. We have shared death-defying adventures and emotional traumas and deep soul searching. We have discovered love in unexpected places and struggled to forgive the acts of people who strike out with abuse or cruelty or vengeance. Always searching for the road of integrity. Seeking the truth obscured with good intentions gone astray.

Now it's almost time to share the lives and adventures of the O'Shea family. People I'd be proud to call best friends. People who may stumble, but never fail to get up. People who may disagree with what you say, but will cover your back when the bad guys kick in your door.

We're sweeping the sidewalks, preparing a special dinner, and putting out the mat that says, "Welcome to Halo."

I hope you will accept our invitation.

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