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Thursday, February 23, 2012


One week and counting!

Just a couple tweaks to the LEGACY pages on my Web site to do before the March 1 launch. The main LEGACY page is now posted if you want to take a look. The covers for the first four books of the series are up, and I'll add excerpts and info about the characters later, so there will be more pages on the way!

You'll get to know the O'Shea matriarch, Tallie, and the seven brothers better as the series progresses. For now, I'm giving Marly and Dawson of PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY their time in the spotlight.

A sigh of relief flowed through Marly's body, brought up short by the sudden reappearance of the man beside her vehicle. Many times her brothers scolded her for being too trusting. Narrow hips and long legs snugly encased in worn blue jeans could belong to a serial killer as easily as a white knight.
         "Step out while I check your vehicle for damage." A jagged scar over the man's right eyebrow gleamed as he reached for her door handle.

            Every murder mystery she read as a teenager gave the bad guy a scar. She wasn't taking any chances. Adrenaline pumped through Marly's body once again as she leveled the taser at the man's chest. "Stop right there." 

So maybe their first meeting wasn't exactly, ahem, a love fest. But they have an entire story to negotiate their happily-ever-after. :)

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