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Monday, July 1, 2013


Woo-hoo-hoo! It's release day for book #9 of my Halo Legacy Series! LEGACY REBORN wraps up the mystery that has plagued the O'Shea family throughout this series by solving the mystery of why their adoptive dad and supercop Bernie O'Shea was killed. You can read excerpts on my web site <www.GenieGabriel.com>.

That web site has been updated, offering more information and excerpts from each book of the Halo Legacy Series. And I'll be rolling out more info in the first nine days of this month.

Thanks to my publisher, all nine books of the Halo Legacy Series are 99 cents each from July 1-9! <http://shop.roguephoenixpress.ieasysite.com/category.aspx?categoryid=82&startpage=0> I'm celebrating those days with a special count-up on this blog recapping each book of the Halo Legacy Series. 

And on JULY 9, I'll be at over 30 blogs in a Super Book Blast!  Those blogs are listed on my web site "Meet Me" page <http://www.designsbymsg.com/GENIEgabriel/Meet.html>. I hope you can stop by and say hello, which will also add your name to the drawing at the end of the book blast for nine gift cards of $9.00 each. You an also leave a comment on this blog to be entered.

I hope you join me for a celebration times nine from July 1-9!

Now, here's a brief excerpt from book #1 of the Halo Legacy Series, PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY.

(Five Years Ago) 
They say Bernie is dead. But how can that be? I kissed him this morning and set a roast out for dinner. His favorite so he wouldn't stay long at the meeting. 

I hate it when Bernie's late. Then I start to worry. 

But Collin's looking serious and Marly has been crying. My children are home--all eight of them--and the house is quiet as a tomb. Tallie O'Shea shivered. 


Marly's arm around my shoulder carries the weight of reality. 

I look at her to tell me it isn't so and see the tracks of tears on her cheeks. Collin. Patrick. Jeremiah. Grady. CJ. Johnny. Even Thomas is home from wandering. All with that horrible, stoic look of concern. 

Collin doesn't want me to see the body. But I must. That's the only way I'll believe. To know he's really gone. 

I don't look at his face. I know there won't be anything recognizable left of the man whose arms held me last night. I look instead at his left hip for the mark only a lover would know. It is flat and dull against the cold, blue flesh, and I know my Bernie won't be coming home again. 

For years I have been strong for my children. Now the source of my strength--my Bernie--is gone. My heart, my mind, all that is in me shatters. Gouging and ripping at my flesh in jagged streaks of pain. I hear the keening of a wounded animal and realize it is me. Eight pairs of arms reach to catch me as numbness claims my soul. Blessed darkness enfolds me as I spiral down, down, down into despair. 

What will I do without my Bernie? 

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