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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Halo's Ghost Story

The house had been built by the town’s founder for his adored wife, Constellation. Miss Stella shared her father’s passion for astronomy, but gave up her studies to come west with her husband to seek his fortune in the gold mines of Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains.

The young husband indeed found his fortune, as the story went,

and invested a good share of it in an ornate house for his wife, which included four turrets at each point of the compass from which she could engage in her passion of watching the stars.

One day the young husband kissed his wife good-bye, set out on a business trip, and never returned. Heartbroken, it was said the young woman sat in the turret overlooking the road into town and waited for her husband. Even after death, her ghost still watched each arrival into town, hoping for her husband to return.

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