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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Johnny O'Shea is the hero of SHADOW OF THE LEGACY, a man of many facets...

(Excerpts from SHADOW OF THE LEGACY, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)

The large, ranch-style house on the outskirts of Halo had been Johnny's home since he was adopted as an infant. He and half-brother Thomas joined five other adopted boys here, with a younger sister following soon afterward. 
Unlike the other boys, Johnny spent almost his entire life basking in the attention of Bernie and Tallie O'Shea. He didn't remember any bad times like those the other boys endured before coming here. His past was filled with laughter, debates, and rowdy games of basketball on the concrete pad out back. And always love. 

Johnny slipped on a jacket and walked after dinner. The cold winter weather nipped at his face and ears as it had when he was a kid and snuck out before Tallie could remind him to wear a hat. The O'Shea farm always felt like home. However, this return was more than a visit and, no matter what a pretty spin he put on the situation, he was basically out of job and living with his mother again. Little wonder a nagging sense of failure crept up on him occasionally…dammit, he was a cop and he wanted to be on the streets solving crimes and bringing justice--even writing a traffic ticket or two. 

Rochelle closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, then moved into her warm-up routine. She hadn't had the time to do any kick-boxing for awhile, but already her body hummed in anticipation of the challenge. 
Johnny was not her opponent, but the cancer that had invaded her body. No battle was more important than this one. No prize more vital: her life. 
Her first moves were simple. A few easy punches before she bobbed and danced away, though there was no need for defense as Johnny threw no punches…A vision of the damning spots in the x-rays filled her head, and Rochelle delivered another combination of kicks to Johnny's mid-section. In her mind, the lumps dissolved a little more each time she made contact…Rochelle kicked and punched until the vision in her head was clear of spots and fatigue was claiming her body, sapping her energy as it spread from her arms, down her torso, and turned her feet to leaden weights. She fell against Johnny in a clinch, and he supported her as her body went limp. Spent and sweaty, Rochelle surrendered to the exhaustion claiming her. 
Johnny swept Rochelle up in his arms and carried her past her worried-looking mother, up the stairs, and into the bathroom nearest her bedroom. He turned on the faucet, filling the tub with steaming water and fragrant bubbles... 

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