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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Q. What are the names of Beth's parents?

A. The answer is contained in this excerpt from LIVING THE LEGACY.**

"Mom? Dad? Are you here?" Beth hitched her borrowed backpack containing one change of clothing higher on her shoulder as she entered her parents' house. One of her next tasks would be buying new clothes, since hers were destroyed in the explosions that reduced her house in Halo to scrap wood.

The return to her parents' home wasn't triggered by pleasant circumstances, yet Beth felt the same welcome that always surrounded her in this storybook house. A pleasant cottage with two bedrooms upstairs and two down. Throughout her growing up years, Beth's parents had shared one of the upstairs bedrooms, while Beth occupied the other one. The downstairs rooms had been used for occasional guests and hobbies.

However, today Natalie Boulanger called out to Beth from downstairs. "We're here, darling. In the sitting room."

Beth walked toward the back of the house, and her mother met her partway with a hug. "I was so worried when I heard about the explosions. Thank heavens you're safe. Go say hello to your father while I get iced tea for us."

Howard Boulanger slowly rose from a recliner when Beth entered the room. What had once been a space for her mother's recipe books and decorating supplies had recently been remodeled with wide double doors leading onto a deck overlooking their back yard.

"Hi, Daddy." As she hugged her father, Beth noticed his shoulders weren't as broad and straight as when he used to give her piggyback rides, and his thinning hair barely covered the shiny dome of his head. When had her father become old?

**Excerpt from LIVING THE LEGACY, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.

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