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Thursday, August 30, 2012



Lynda Aicher has always loved to read. It’s a simple fact that has been true since she discovered the words of Judy Blume at the age of ten. After years of weekly travel as a consultant implementing computer software into global companies, she ended her nomadic lifestyle to raise her two children. Now, her imagination is her only limitation on where she can go, and her writing lets her escape from the daily duties of being a mom, wife, chauffeur, scheduler, cook, teacher, volunteer, cleaner and mediator. If writing wasn’t a priority, it wouldn’t get done.


What is the name of your series of books? How many books are in the series? 
The series is called Energen. The first book was released in February and the second one is available September 11th.  There are currently six books planned for this series.

What's the genre/subgenre of your series? 

It’s a paranormal romance series with shape-shifting dragons and apocalyptic themes.

What is the premise your series? What ties it together? Are the characters related, have the same career, live in the same town, etc.?

It’s the Chinese Year of the Dragon and the stories are all connected through both characters and the series of events that take place over the year that lead to the coming apocalypse--the time when the veil will be lifted on the hidden battle that has raged over the earth’s energy since life began.

Why write a series? What are the pros and cons?
The main reason I wanted to write a series is because I love to read series. I love digging into worlds and characters and seeing where the stories go. As a reader, I just want more.

As a writer, it’s darn hard writing a series. In some aspects it’s nice that you have an established world and characters that you can keep writing and building from. The down side of that is you have to keep that world interesting and cohesive. Details become even more important because readers remember and they’ll call you on it if you mess something up. I have huge files on characters, world facts, who’s in what book, etc. The bigger your world and the longer your series is, the more facts you have to track.

What's your next project? Is there another series in your writing future? 
Yes, there is another series in my life. I’m currently working on the third book in my erotic romance series for Carina Press. The first book in that series, Bonds of Trust, will be out in November with the next two books coming in March and July of 2013.

This series really digs into the emotional side of BDSM and the struggle that people can go through in accepting that their needs fall outside of the social norm. The books are hot, don’t get me wrong. But they’re about more than just the gymnastics associated with this genre. They’re love stories and you can’t have a good love story without emotion.

I think I’m a series junky. <grin> I can’t seem to write single stories. When I sit down to plot, I always end up with these big worlds that have room to grow.

Any contests or giveaways related to this blog post or that you are running?
I’ll be giving away an ebook of The Dragon Stirs and an ARC of Stone of Ascension to one lucky commenter today.

EXCERPT: Stone of Ascension

Amber closed her eyes, leaned her forehead on the cold wood of the door and inhaled the comforting scents of wood polish and age that assailed her upon entering the backdoor of the antique shop. The smells were a part of her life and brought with them simplicity and routine.

But no matter how safe she felt at that moment, it was time she stopped ignoring events and looked at them for what they were. Related or not, there were too many things piling up for her to continue in her blissful haze of self-denial.

Something was happening.

She might have felt excluded from her tribe for most of her life, but that hadn’t stopped the Native American beliefs from becoming ingrained within her. There was more at play in this world than what could be seen. Joseph and his mystical knowledge of events was proof of that.

Good or bad, it was time Amber prepared herself for whatever was to come. She needed all the facts to do that, and she was certain her aunt had them or at least knew who did.

Acceptance was the first step in moving forward. So forward she would go--just as soon as she could move. A small, mirthless laugh puffed from her chest at the contradiction. Having the will did not bring with it the courage.

Right. She licked her lips, straightened her back and exhaled. Despite the whacked-out events around her, she still needed to open the shop and take care of the responsibilities of the day.

Never ask why, always ask what. Her aunt’s mantra echoed through her thoughts almost as if Aunt Bev stood behind her and whispered the words in her ear. A shudder snaked down Amber’s spine, enticing her to call out. “Aunt Bev, you here?”

Silence. She was still alone.

Amber pushed away from the door and moved down the short hallway to the small office, removing her winter outerwear and hanging her coat on the hooks lining the wall. Rubbing her hands together, she moved to the thermostat and nudged the heat up a tad. Her aunt would probably have a small cow at the extra two degrees of warmth, but to heck with it. Bravery came in small steps, and she would consider this her first one.

She flicked on the light and turned toward the desk to grab the front door keys. Shock froze her in place, comprehension registering as her mind processed the state of the office. It was destroyed. The usually ordered space was now a jumbled mess of tossed papers, broken objects and emptied file drawers. Even the safe had been pried open, the contents emptied onto the floor. Clearly ransacked by someone in a hunt for what?

Panic followed quickly on the heels of the numbed shock. Pinpricks of needles shimmered over her skin, igniting her heart rate and engulfing her in a cold, damp sweat. Her mouth was suddenly parched as her brain fuzzed to one, and only one, thought.

The stone.

Amber tore from the office, careening into the shop, heedless to any danger that might still remain. All thoughts of personal safety, of calling the cops or exiting the building were obliterated by the overriding need to get to the stone.

To ensure its safety and hold it so no one else would ever get it.

Some small part of her brain recognized the insanity of her actions and thoughts. But it wasn’t enough to stop her. Driven by a craze that defied explanation, Amber barreled through the disaster field of the shop. Heedless of the broken glass, blocked aisles or shattered objects that littered her path. Her only thought was to find the stone.


She reached the back corner where the sewing trunk sat overturned and open, the top tray tossed to the side, the antique quilts tumbling from the depths. Dropping to her knees, she dove into the contents. Her fingernails scraped over the hard wood of the trunk, her knuckles banging against the sides in her frantic search for her hidden box.

It had to be there.

She couldn’t process the overriding need that assailed her. The bird mark burned, and sweat beaded on her forehead and raced in rivulets down her chest.

The box wasn’t there. No. It had to be there. It couldn’t be gone. It was hers. She was unwilling to accept defeat. Not that fast.


  1. Welcome, Lynda! I so pleased you could join me today to talk about your Energen series and what's coming next for you in the writing arena. And congratulations on the new release coming up in September!

  2. Thanks for hosting me today, Genie!

  3. Lynda,

    This sounds like a series to be put on my TBR list. Congratulations on your success. May you have many sales!

    C. L. Kraemer

  4. I'm a series addict! When I find characters I love, I don't want the story to end :) I read all of the Dresden Files over the last two weeks and want to cry now because I have to wait for Nov for the next book, lol. Lynda, I love the premise for your series and look forward to reading your work. Also, one of my fav authors is Cherise Sinclair because she focuses on character development, as well. I'm glad you mentioned your Carina series. I'll have to take a look. Thanks for sharing your work!

  5. Thanks for the excerpt. I love series as well, it makes it easier to find a book you know you'll love.

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com

  6. Angela M - I think that's the worst part of reading series...waiting for the next book! But I love seeing all of the characters grow and finding out what happens to everyone. It's the wait that kills me.

  7. This series sounds fantastic! Wishing loads of sales!

  8. I can't wait to read the next book!

  9. Lynda, thank you so much for being my guest! To all who commented, Lynda and I are teaming up to pick the winner of her e-books.

    Everyone will also be entered in my contest to win a $15 gift certificate from Amazon.com. That drawing will be tomorrow!

  10. I'm so excited to have won the books! You can have Lynda hit me up on twitter @greengoat25