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Monday, April 20, 2015


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Don't take my baby. Please don't take my baby. The woman's plea whispered in the steady swish, swish of the wipers. Her image wavered among the falling flakes of snow, horror streaking in anguished tears down her face. 

Marly O'Shea shivered and forced her attention back to the narrow, twisting road grudgingly carved out of the side of the mountain…A gust of angry wind blasted around a curve, rattling the canvas top of the Jeep. The flurries of snow grew heavier, layering the road in a relentless white. Marly shifted into a lower gear and concentrated on what she could see of the road illuminated by her headlights. Until she realized the headlights careening through the darkness weren't hers. They bore down on her, like a missile seeking its target. Adrenaline spurted through Marly's veins. She leaned on the horn and steered the Jeep as far to the side of the road as possible without sliding off the edge. Brighter and brighter, the lights obliterated the darkness until Marly thought they would explode. Then, as suddenly as they appeared, the lights jerked away, bouncing down the road behind her and quickly disappearing… 

This morning, she still struggled to regain the calm façade she had worked to cultivate in her job as a child welfare worker. What had twisted her nerves so tightly? The accident or the determined drive to find the birth mother in the case that could boost or destroy her career? 

With a deep breath, Marly paused in front of the sheriff's office. Hopefully, this modern day lawman would know where to find the woman she sought…"She may be using the alias Claudia Black. The address I have is Fool's Gold Road."

"I know the area." Dawson rubbed the scar above his eyebrow, stalling while he tried to dispel long-ago memories knotting in his gut…Fool's Gold Road provided an uneasy haven for those skating the edges of the law, generating more emergency calls than any other area in Dawson's territory. He typed the name Claudia Black into his computer. Sure enough, several notations came up. A neighbor reported hearing an argument as she drove by one night. A concerned churchgoer called when Claudia abruptly quit coming to services. A report from the hospital detailed injuries not consistent with Claudia's explanation. 

Looked like life on Fool's Gold Road hadn't changed much since Dawson was a kid...With everything in his legal power, Dawson would protect this baby from the scars of not hiding quickly enough; from nightmarish memories that would haunt him into adulthood. 

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